A Cheat Sheet to Preparing Your Game Localization Kit

Imagine your game captivating players worldwide, skyrocketing in popularity, and sending your revenue soaring. That’s the power of localization, and it starts with a cutting-edge localization kit that is shared with an expert localization partner!

A localization kit is more than just a means of sharing information. It’s the secret that weaves together your multilingual game strategy and transforms it into a captivating experience for your gamers.

Not sure what a localization kit is or what to include for your upcoming game localization project? This cheat sheet is for you. It provides a concise overview of the various components within the Localization Kit and its impact on achieving smooth game localization.

In this white paper, you will explore:

  • What Is A Localization Kit?
  • Localization Kit Components
  • Why Create A Localization Kit? 

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