Privacy Policy

Learn about TransPalm’s privacy policy regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of any personal information we get access to when you use our website.

Why Do We Collect Your Data?

The primary purpose behind collecting our clients’ data is to improve our services and enhance our website’s functionality in a way that ensures the best user experience. 

What Data Do We Collect & How?

TransPalm directly collects data that can help us contact you like personal information including names, email addresses, and phone numbers, etc. from our users when they register on our websites, fill out any of our customer surveys or provide feedback on our services, request our services, get translation quotes, download any of our downloadable content, or simply by using or viewing our website via their browsers’ cookies.

How Do We Ensure Privacy?

TransPalm makes sure that all of your personal data are securely saved on our encrypted servers and are protected by all acceptable means. We are strictly committed not to distributing any of your personal information to any outside parties. 

How Do We Use Our User’s Data?

As we declared, your personal information will be used for your own benefit. We make use of the data we collect from you to contact you for proceeding with your order, to provide you with the best customer service, or to communicate our special offers to you according to your preferences. 

Why Do We Use Cookies?

TransPalm mainly uses cookies to improve the users’ experience on our website. Cookies help us identify our website users and their personal preferences, save our users’ login information, and prepare customized web pages according to our users’ preferences. And unless you decide to share your personal data with us, cookies never disclose any of your information. 

Are Our Privacy Policies Changeable?

Yes, TransPalm may change and update these privacy policies at any time. And as a client or a website user, you need to check our privacy policy page as any updates will still be posted here. Don’t worry because our team will make sure you are notified of any of these possible changes either by contacting you or posting on our website.