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TransPalm offers a full-suite of professional voice over services with capabilities in almost all languages including those of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Asia and Central Asia, and many Middle Eastern and African Languages. Our high-quality voice over services aim to help you tell your story and convey your message in a real conversation, helping you to communicate better and more effectively with your international audiences.

We combine talent, native fluency, and technology in order to ensure that your messages become your brand ambassador and fit your target market’s expectations.

Browse over a wide variety of native voice over artists and choose between languages, accents, and style. Our voice over artists have the talent and expertise to stretch their voices, create unique characterizations, and produce different intonations, providing customized content that resonates with your customers. Helping them achieve your most desired results are our professional sound engineers. Inside our state-of-the-art fully equipped recording and post-production studios, both teams work wonders.

Whether it’s a TV commercial, an eLearning project, or an explainer video, they ensure the highest quality ever delivered in the file format you prefer and with a speedy turnaround.

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