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Video gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world going from strength to strength and spilling massive returns for game developers and investors. Statistics recently showed that the video games market could become a $300 billion industry by 2025. The only way to capitalize on this strong revenue growth is with a solid video game localization strategy that only a professional translation and localization service provider can execute.

Search no further, TransPalm is here to aid.

TransPalm has been responsible for the successful, timely completion of a large number of video game localization projects of various complexity and scales. This is how TransPalm has been able to build its professional expertise and develop its expert reputation as the preferred translation partner of choice. We save your time and money, never comprising on quality or your user experience.

We are a leading service provider specializing in video game translation and localization solutions in all Middle Eastern and African languages as well as the core Asian and European ones. We manage all your video game localization projects in a wide variety of genres and formats and produce well-functioning localized games in a complete range of platforms including mobile, online, and console-based.

TransPalm Video Game Localization Services

We offer a full suite of game localization services for various formats (multilingual XML, Excel, and CSV files) handling
The following:

Why TransPalm Is the Trusted Partner of Choice?

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