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TransPalm is a professional service provider offering
world-class translation solutions in all languages of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as well as the major languages of Asia and Central Asia.We also support all your translation needs in all Middle Eastern and African languages.

Our translation services cover a variety of documents and translation projects including legal, technology and software, healthcare, financial, and more. No matter how big your project is or how tight your schedule may be, we are always here to support your translation demands and provide you with exactly what you want when you want.

Our industry expertise has helped TransPalm develop its very own formula for successful translations. Our meticulous formula combines a commitment to the highest standards of quality through the entire translation process, the skill and expertise of our translation teams, and smart utilization of advanced translation tools and approaches. With this kind of expertise and with the help of our formula, TransPalm’s services are nothing less than excellent.

Why TransPalm’s Translation Services

TransPalm Translation Teams

We believe that human translation is the only way to ensure accuracy, consistency, and fluency. To that end, TransPalm only offers reliable, human translations that are efficient and of maximum value to our partners.

At TransPalm, you can place your confidence in our strong and dedicated translation teams who are the best in the industry. TransPalm carefully and rigorously selects its scalable translation teams after they pass strict translation teams. Besides the fact that they are certified native linguists, they have profound subject-matter expertise – the thing which guarantees exceptional quality of your translations.

TransPalm Translation Technology

Trans Palm dedicates its resources and capabilities towards keeping our partners ahead of the competition. We always take great pride in helping businesses achieve their business expansion objectives by providing fast and effective translations. One way we are able to accomplish this is through leveraging high-tech translation tools, such as

An Efficient Translation Management System
CAT Tools
Translation Memories
Glossaries and Style Guides

These tools help us streamline and optimize the entire translation workflow where we are able to offer accurate and consistent translations as well as hassle-free and cost-effectiveservices to our clients.

TransPalm Translation Process

Our dedicated project managers assess the entire project and the content provided.

After assessment, our PM assigns the translation project to SMEs.

Our engineers prepare your source files for translation, converting your InDesign files to normal rtf files and building up TMs to reduce translation costs.

Our translation teams take over working on translating your files and then performing a crucial editing step.

We create fully formatted and visually attractive materials that support the new content and that matches the original layout, keeping the requirements of our clients in mind.

Our in-country reviewers perform a meticulous proofreading step to ensure that the translations are error-free.

Our DTP specialists have one final look at the new translated formatted files, making sure that our clients receive a flawless end result in terms of content and design.

The files are sent to our clients for feedback and approval.

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