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Accessibility of your multimedia content is of paramount importance. With accurate transcription services, you can make sure that your content is accessible to almost everyone.

TransPalm audio and video transcription services let you rest assured that your content will be accessible for blind and visually impaired people, for people who want to watch videos with the volume off, and for learners who don’t want to miss a word during an eLearning course. With this wide accessibility, you can guarantee high levels of user engagements. And this is the epitome of an effective multimedia content.

At TransPalm, all our transcriptions are performed manually by our experienced teams of native transcribers and subject-matter experts who ensure your transcripts are 100% accurate. We provide our transcription services in all languages of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the major languages of Asia and Central Asia as well as several Middle Eastern and African languages. Our transcription services are professional and cost-effective. Additionally, we take great pride in always delivering your projects on time without compromising on quality.

Once we receive your project files, we assess the content, then our skilled transcribers who master their native languages and various dialects and accents work on your project producing precise transcripts. To ensure quality and smooth transcription processes, we leverage high-tech innovations to reduce any background noises that may distort your audio-visual content. All our transcriptions undergo a rigorous QA testing where we review and proofread them to make sure they are free of any mistakes or inconsistencies and that they are precise, consistent, and readable – where the text is perfectly synchronized. Finally, we provide our transcripts in the format and files that our clients desire.

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