Software Localization

Professional and Affordable Software Localization to Expand Your Global Presence

Software localization can be a daunting job, but it shouldn’t be. With TransPalm’s expertise, software localization is no longer a daunting job. TransPalm makes it easier, faster, and with the highest quality possible, completing all your projects on time and on budget.

TransPalm offers you a wealth of resources and a breadth of expertise to manage your software localization projects across all platforms and devices in almost all languages. We handle double-byte and Right-to-Left languages and we provide bidirectional support. Our expertise lies in developing localized software that matches the originally developed software, providing a unique user experience that feels and looks that the software is fully designed for your users. 

At TransPalm, we realize that software localization goes beyond just translation. The multi-layered process of translation, localization engineering, and QA testing involves linguistic and cultural adaptations, technical adjustments, and functionality and usability testing. It’s paramount to ensure that all these elements come together to deliver software that is perfectly adapted to the preferences and needs of your target audience as well as works properly without any technical bugs that might ruin their session.

We understand the demands and requirements of the software industry and we are ready to answer to them all with a scalable team of native linguists, engineers, and DTP specialists who adhere to the highest quality standards and make an effective use of technology to ensure fully localized software ready to be launched.

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