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TransPalm is a professional leading provider of first-class subtitling services for a wide range of industries including eLearning, marketing, and advertising…etc. in all languages of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the major languages of Asia and Central Asia, alongside several Middle Eastern and African Languages. With a professional team of language and technical experts, cutting-edge subtitling production tools, and stringent quality assurance procedures, TransPalm guarantees smooth and easy subtitling processes.

TransPalm is committed to provide accurate subtitles to preserve the message of your content and enhance your audiences’ viewing experience, improving user engagement. This is the core of our subtitling services. With this aspect in mind, we combine language accuracy, cultural appropriateness, and technical precision to catch every nuance and capture the attention of your audiences across cultures.

In order to achieve this result, we rely on a global network of professional, native linguists who translate and localize your audio and video content accurately and consistency, making sure to bridge any cultural gaps by carefully conveying humor, idiomatic expressions, and slang. Our technical teams strictly take into account reading speed, timing, synchronization, and positioning. We utilize high-tech video production tools and handle all platforms and subtitling formats, such as .890, .PAC, .STL, .XML, and .TIFF. At TransPalm, we provide hard-coded or standalone subtitles, based on your own requirements.  We also customize our subtitles to meet your preferences in terms of font, colors…etc.

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