Blending Machine’s Power and Man’s Efficiency

Recently, individuals and organizations are relying more and more on Machine Translation or Automated translation. And why shouldn’t they? Machine Translation has proven quite useful for managing large volumes of content in the fastest turnaround times – something that goes beyond human capabilities. Above all, machine translation is usually a vital strategic choice to keep translation costs within budget.

However, despite the rise in adoption of Machine Translation, quality produced has never met the expectations! Only when Machine Translation Post-Editing Services entered the scene, quality has then surpassed the expectations!

Why Machine Translation Post-Editing?

Perhaps the biggest limitation that faced Machine Translation is the absence of human factor. While machine translation can convey content in one language to another, it isn’t fully capable of interpreting meaning, context, culture, and sentiment. This is where Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) comes in. MTPE is the human finishing touches that refine machine-generated translations to ensure that they meets high levels of accuracy and sophistication.

The Benefits of Both Worlds

TransPalm provides fast, professional Machine Translation Post-Editing Services in Middle Eastern and African languages, in addition to the core Asian and European languages. No matter the size and scope of your project, we are always able to deliver your MTPE projects exactly when you want.

Not any translator or linguist can undertake machine translation-post editing projects. To that end, we depend only on in-house, native reviewers with subject-matter expertise who are professionally trained and have extensive experience in MTPE. They skillfully and smoothly transform your raw machine-translated texts into powerful customized messages of maximum value, supporting your business plans.

With unparalleled competency, our trained MTPE linguists adopts a holistic approach to streamline the process and ensure high-quality, accurate, consistent – and even creative- end result through the following factors:

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