Systemizing Your Localization Projects for Success

Localization engineering is the foundation of a successful localization project, combining linguistic accuracy and technical precision. It involves breaking down each localization project into a whole range of tasks to ensure high-quality localized software in terms of content, design, and usability.

TransPalm provides flawless localization engineering services, where our experienced linguists and genius localization engineers come together to ensure an accurate and consistent localization keeping your desired specifications and your audience’s preferences in mind. All our localization engineering services for your websites, mobile apps… etc. are carefully planned and executed to reflect the original software’s usability and functionality. We are capable of managing the most complex localization projects in almost all languages, Right-to-Left and bi-directional languages, including Middle Eastern and African languages as well as the core European and Asian languages.

Localization Engineering Process

  • Pre-Localization Stage
  • Localization Development Stage
  • Post-Localization Stage

This is the preliminary stage where our localization engineers assess your project and the work needs to be done, estimate the cost and schedule, and decide on the tools that will be used throughout the process as well as set up terminology. During this stage, those skilled localization engineers are adept at predicting any challenges that might surface and providing solutions to overcome them.

To ensure a smooth localization engineering process, TransPalm localization engineers prepare the source software for localization, isolating localizable strings from variables and extracting translatable texts.

The extracted text is assigned to native linguists who are subject-matter experts; they ensure that the content is linguistically accurate, culturally appropriate, and contextually relevant. Armed with expertise, our engineers work on resizing interface, handling all technical aspects such as text expansion, encoding issues, formatting limitations, and non-compatible encoding systems Next, the localized content is compiled into a running application and the software is thoroughly tested to ensure quality, consistency, and functionality.

TransPalm localization engineers run tough quality assurance testing to provide nothing short of a perfectly localized software, well-designed, highly-functional, and with effective content.

TransPalm localization engineering teams are all decked up to save your time and money and surpass your expectations in terms of quality and support.

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