Flawless Quality and Absolute Confidentiality

TransPalm provides a scalable legal translation service for your highly-sensitive legal documents and materials with capabilities in a huge range of language pairings including all Middle Eastern and African languages alongside Asian and European ones at the most competitive rates in the industry. TransPalm has a long-standing reputation for delivering certified, faithful, and accurate legal translations with absolute confidentiality. This has made TransPalm a trusted partner of choice, working with major law firms and corporations as well as government and multinational organizations.

The legal field imposes demanding requirements where a slight mistake is a high-stake mistake. Fortified with expertise, technology, and a qualified team, TransPalm is able to address the requirements of the field, handling all your legal translation projects no matter how daunting they are, working towards precisely and faithfully conveying every detail and nuance of the source, and meeting any deadlines no matter how strict they are.

Quality Legal Translations

TransPalm provides legal translations of the highest quality possible where we ensure the output is error free, accurate, and consistent. Equipped by a structured framework, reliable technology, and advanced translation tools, our large pool of native translators adhere to our rigorous quality assurance system, effectively using translation memories and terminology management tools and running our 3-step review process and multiple rounds of quality checks.

Our linguists and translators don’t only have the necessary linguistic mastery, but they also have a strong legal background or a degree in law, enabling them to overcome any stumbling blocks during translating. They are also adept at the complex legal terminology; the thing which lets you rest assured that our legal translations are agile, smooth, and hassle-free.

With our capabilities and expertise, we are confident with our high standards and you can also feel confident to put your legal translation needs in our care.


At TransPalm, we maintain strict confidentiality of each project we work on, securing all your data and protecting your business information. All professionals collaborating in the project sign

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