Healthcare Translation

TransPalm offers accurate, smart healthcare translation and localization solutions, helping our partners embrace the medical revolution and meet the industry demands to communicate with patients and healthcare providers and reach global markets with confidence. TransPalm has proven expertise in the industry providing multilingual healthcare translation solutions and working in a wide variety of life sciences and medical documents and material.

The medical industry is intricate and built on details, where one minor mistake can majorly compromise your work and worse jeopardize the lives of people. As a result, at TransPalm, we take it upon ourselves to ensure you aren’t at risk of any of this.


TransPalm Quality Management System

TransPalm has a strict quality management system in order to overcome the challenges of this highly-sensitive and regulated type of content. We are aware of the quality and regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry including those of the US, the European Union and Japan. We smoothly and easily respond to these requirements with linguistic expertise, industry-leading technology, glossaries, translation tools, updated reference materials, as well as following the latest developments in the field. We run multiple rigorous quality checks to produce the utmost linguistic and technical accuracy, providing our partners with quality services they can trust.

TransPalm Experienced Healthcare Translators

We understand that we are dealing with a kind of translation where there’s no room for error and where the only outcome that can be regarded as best is an effective, agile human translation of the highest quality and utmost accuracy.

To achieve this outcome, TransPalm depends on native healthcare professionals with extensive subject-matter expertise and profound linguistic knowledge and who are also well-versed in complex medical terminology. Their unparalleled expertise combined with their unwavering commitment to the industry’s quality standards and a strong work ethic is exactly what you need to ensure that you receive technically accurate translations.

TransPalm Healthcare Translation Projects

TransPalm offers expert healthcare translation services for material including:

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