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Digital technology is transforming almost all industries, from banking to media. While the concept is to go “paperless”, the book printing and publishing sector finally opened up to and embarked upon this digital transformation.

Embracing this digital revolution means a lot of things for the publishing industry, perhaps the core of it is bringing the greatest value to the readers.

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With this notion in mind, TransPalm offers exceptional, cost-effective publishing, epublishing, and ebook conversion solutions. Our services are founded on an adequate understanding of the requirements of this digital transformation, which has given us an edge to be ready with skill and know-how to support your publishing needs and expand your readership. This is why TransPalm is a recognized expert in epublishing and ebook conversion services. We have worked with publishers, authors, and organizations across the globe, being recognized for our professionalism, integrity, and commitment to industry standards and high-quality standards.

Fortified with expertise and technology, our robust teams of developers, graphics designers, and subject-matter experts are dedicated to implement industry’s best practices, offering our clients the highest quality possible in accordance with their demands and specifications. TransPalm teams maintain efficiency through the production and conversion processes and run stringent quality assurance checks to ensure your digital publications are 100% accurate and consistent linguistically, technically, and visually.

From children’s books and eLearning material to corporate publishing projects and more, TransPalm is here to help you convert any type of documents across various industries into any format your prefer and in the languages you want including all Middle Eastern and African language, as well as the core Asian and European languages. Thanks to our proven methodologies, strict adherence to rigorous QA procedures, and use of technology, we handle all your projects no matter the volume and scope, making sure that we match your expectations in terms of quality, cost, and time.

  • At TransPalm, we accept a wide variety of input formats, including:

     Word Documents, InDesign, PDF, Quark, XML Formats, and many more.

  • We skillfully and smoothly deliver your books in preferred reading formats including:


TransPalm EPUB Conversion Process

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