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Whether your aim is to educate and train your global workforce or to develop eLearning programs all over the world offering boundless learning opportunities, TransPalm is here to help with an aim to provide full eLearning localization services, delivering intelligent solutions and powerful learning experiences.

TransPalm is a professional eLearning service provider catering to a wide array of clientele across various industries in almost all languages including Middle Eastern, African, Asian, and European languages. Collaborating with major corporates and eLearning developers and publishers, TransPalm is a recognized eLearning expert, offering effective eLearning solutions of the highest quality possible, meeting your requirements, budget, and timeframe.

eLearning localization is a complex, multi-faceted process of several linguistic and technical potholes. Not only that, but we also know that every project is unique with our clients’ different specifications and priorities. With that knowledge in mind, here at TransPalm, we put our expertise to work, taking the time to study and analyze your project, looking for and acting in your best interests, and ultimately providing you with a variety of options that bring you quality and value and save you time, money, and effort.

Equipped with advanced technology and powered with our professional league of native linguists and specialists, TransPalm offers high-quality eLearning solutions that are customized, user-friendly, and engaging.

TransPalm eLearning Services

Our eLearning services encompass the following:

Post-Translation Engineering

File Preparation and analysis

Post-Translation Formatting



Audio Integration and time-line adjustment

Voice Over

Content Conversion

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