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Back Translation is the process of translating a text back, which has been previously translated into another language, back into its original language. This type of translation, which is commonly referred to as reverse translation is meant as an extra quality assurance to validate accuracy and quality of your translated content.

TransPalm offers professional back translation services for all types of translation projects in almost all languages including Middle Eastern, African, and the major European and Asian languages. Our back translation services are fast and reliable, providing an essential quality dimension to ensure a flawless content before publication.

At TransPalm, we apply rigorous back translation process to verify your content. After translating your content into the requested target language, the project is passed to an independent translator with relevant, extensive subject-matter expertise and who has no prior knowledge of the original content or any prior involvement in this translation project. This guarantees a subjective interpretation of meaning. The assigned qualified translator back translates the content and then compares it the original source, creating a report that identifies any divergences, errors, or ambiguities. The quality of the translation is evaluated in terms of how accurately the back translation version agrees with the original source document. The next step is refining the translated content to maintain an accurate depiction of meaning.

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